Minister of Public Works Review the Working Box Culvert Surabaya

2015-09-08 07:46:33

Surabaya (East Java Antara) - Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Hadimuljono Basuki accompanied by the mayor of Surabaya Tri Rismaharini review the project "box culvert" Banyu Urip process that is currently nearing completion.

"This road will be forwarded to the river Lamong times in Gresik. But I can not live, should be gradual and tailored to their funds," said Basuki when reviewing projects in Surabaya, on Tuesday.

Box culvert project in Banyu Urip is predicted to be completed more quickly because next year for the remainder of the completion of the road along the 5 kilometers to the border Lamong time distribution will be done by the central government.

Basuki said the takeover of this project is the demand of Surabaya City Government. However, because judged to have great benefits that address the flooding and increase road capacity, the central government is willing to continue the road construction that has been done along the 12-kilometer city government. In addition, the status of the road is the road that run central government.

"This path will be continued until at times Lamong in Gresik. But I can not live, should be gradual and tailored to the fund as well," he said.

Because for box culvert construction requires no small cost. Besides the central government, the project budgeting will be done in 2016.

Work on the road is fairly light because to 5 km remaining only need two cell box culvert or half the width of the local government worked, namely six meters. As for the depth of the drainage flow of the river is six meters.

If the box culvert is completed, there will be two benefits, namely overcoming bottlenecks and increase the capacity of the road. Besides adding drainage channels and tackle flooding.

Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini said box culvert project has been initiated by the local government since six years ago. But it was only after a five-year permit from the central government out.

Therefore, he added, was formerly a box culvert Gunungsari irrigation channels. The total length is 17 kilometers with a width of 12 meters and a depth of 6 meters deep drainage channels. Is currently being processed by the local administration workmanship is 12 kilometers.

"This we propose to proceed by the central government since the budget we're also limited. It's just one kilometer ending nearly 80 billion," he said.

Although the box culvert will be done until the border Surabaya and Gresik, Risma ensure that
it would not involve the Gresik district government for the process. Because it feared it would be slow if it involves the district government.

According Risma, the section box culvert construction will be completed this year's local government. As for the release of 5 km will be done by the central government he asserted all cudah clear.

"The important thing when you're so that river water position is above that level is no longer go into the village. Because the first function is for irrigation. If it changed to the drainage as now it can hold water and can also be used the way," he said. (*)
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