East Java Governor approves Siting JLLT-JLLB Surabaya

2015-09-08 07:41:34

Surabaya (East Java Antara) - East Java governor finally approved the determination of Outer Ring Road East (JLLT) and the Outer Ring Road West (JLLB) Surabaya which will facilitate access to the bay and the airport Juanda Lamong 2 and 3.

"We've been consulting to the Ministry of Public Works. We also thank God already facing the governor and the governor have agreed on the establishment of locations for JLLT and JLLB," said Mayor of Surabaya, Tri Rismaharini when a press conference in the mayor's office on Friday.

Development of road network of which JLLT and JLLB set forth in Regulation Mayor (Perwali) Surabaya No. 2 of 2014. As outlined in the plan alignment JLLT Perwali No. 51 in 2014.

Surabaya Mayor said JLLT phased long term, built from access to the longest bridge to Mount Anyar. JLLT development plans along approximately 17 kilometers with a width of 60 meters (including the right of way).

JLLT extends beyond the territory Kenjeran-Bulak-Mulyorejo-Sukolilo-Rungkut-Mount Anyar. While the development plan JLLB along approximately 26.1 kilometers with a width of 55 meters (including the right of way).

JLLB built to reduce congestion in the North South corridor extends beyond Romokalisari Surabaya, Pakal, Sememi and Lakarsantri. "For the West Outer Ring Line to support access to the Port of Lamong bay. While the East Outer Ring Line to support access to New Juanda Airport terminals 2-3," said the mayor.

JLLB development and JLLT considered very efficient because less than 80 percent using the infrastructure / facilities utility (PSU) belong to the developer which will be submitted to the interests of road construction.

Thus, he added, the municipal government is not overly burdened with the problem of land acquisition. "The land acquisition of approximately 20 percent. The city administration worked the land there are people, for which another developer is done. I predicted two-year process," said the former head of the City Development Planning Agency (Bappeko) Surabaya.

In addition, he said, the Surabaya City Government is also focusing on sustainability "Frontage Road" Jalan Ahmad Yani East side and West side. City Government still continues to carry out the land acquisition in stages starting from Manunggal Road to Royal Plaza (West side).

The existence Frontage Road East and West side this could increase the capacity Jalan Ahmad Yani that will reduce congestion on the main road that connects towards the Sidoarjo.

"If this path so Frontage Road, congestion on Jalan Ahmad Yani will go down," he said. (*)

Editor: Akhmad Munir


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