JLLB Surabaya Toll Road Projects, Developers Already Over the past Started

2016-07-14 04:18:10

Surabaya, - government of Surabaya, East Java kebut West Outer Ring Road project (JLLB). One of them with connecting lines from Benowo JLLB to Romokalisari.

Mayor Tri Rismaharini believe that paths can reduce congestion in the western transit line from the West City. "I'm optimistic JLLB settlement will be faster," he said. in Surabaya, Sunday (3/4).

This year, the Surabaya City Government targets the wrong JLLB of Jalan Raya Teluk Benowo until Lamong. For 80 land there belongs to a developer who has agreed working on the project.

Risma said the developers working on the side of Highway Benowo, the local government will work on the South side. Precisely the provision of connection to sign in to the toll road Romokalisari.

"That has been the way developers now anyway. Developers already want to work, in this acceleration we've had for the task. Land developer who has worked on them, which we do not have that land developers, "said Risma.

PDI-P politicians have called the wrong JLLB targeted to the Gulf port Lamong. Road access will increase convenience for the overland transport vehicles that have been relying on the road like road Margolyo and Kalianak to get into Surabaya.

It is said Risma, which is now being worked on is from Highway Benowo. "Later Highway Benowo will penetrate to the back of Bung Tomo Stadium and landfill Benowo," said the mayor.

According Risma, the permission for the construction of road interchange on the expressway has received approval from the governing body of the motorway. Even the environmental impact assessment (EIA).

"Later in the interchange that would be a plus curve in the road such as clover, the entrance of JLLB to the motorway and vice versa. Because if you do not give the road, the truck now continued by means of which, so dibikinkan road, "he said.

Meanwhile, Head of Physical Infrastructures Bappeko Surabaya Dwija Ward said, the process of freeing the JLLB indeed entered a stage of socialization and liberation.

He said it is actively engage in dialogue with the citizens to avoid misunderstandings related JLLB development. "The total length is 26.1 kilometers JLLB. There is as wide as 60 meters in width, "said Dwija.

Affirmed, although its size is quite wide, but the way it will function as normal streets and highways instead. So that road users is free of charge, but free.

(M Vidia Wirawan)