Risma Ensure Development Surabaya West Outer Ring Line Starts This Year

2016-06-27 04:17:33

SURYA.co.id I SURABAYA - Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini targetting until the end of 2016, the construction of Outer Ring Line West to the point of Highway Benowo up to the entrance of the Gulf Harbour Lamong now been settled.

This is because in the land to be used is the land owned by the developer and has been willing to give up their land for Outer Ring Line West.

"About 80 percent of the land there are owned by the developer. And developers have agreed to work on areas that are exposed to road plan," said Risma, when met at City Hall, Friday 04/01/2016.

Currently the developers who own land have also been doing development on land to build settlements, warehousing, and public facilities and businesses.

"That has been the way developers now anyway. Developers are already willing to work, in this acceleration we've had for the task. The developers have done their land, which we do not have that land developers," said Risma.

As for the land is still owned by the citizens, the municipal government also is in the process of liberation.
Outer Ring Road West is a planned highway that stretches from Benowo to Romokalisari is staying for the decomposition of congestion in western transit line from the West Surabaya, and continues to point to the Highway Benowo tongue penetrating into the area Wiyung.

To point to the Port Road Benowo Lamong Bay, road access will increase convenience for the overland transport vehicles that have been relying on the road such as the Road and Road Margolyo Kalianak to get into Surabaya.

Furthermore, Risma said, if developers are working on the side of Highway Benowo, the local government will work on the South side.

Precisely the provision of connection to sign in to the toll road Romokalisari. According Risma, the permission for the construction of road interchange on the expressway has received approval from the governing body of the motorway. Even the environmental impact assessment EIA.
"Later in the interchange that would be a plus curve in the road such as clover, the entrance of JalanLB to the motorway and vice versa. For if not given the way it was, well kept truck through which, so we made a road," said Risma.

Head of Physical Infrastructures Surabaya Dwija Bappeko Ward, adding, the process of liberation of the Western Outer Ring Jala is entering the stage of socialization and liberation. City Government actively engage in dialogue on residents to avoid misunderstandings related to the construction of the Western Ring Road.

"The total length of the West Outer Ring Road is 26.1 kilometers. There is as wide as the width of 60 meters, "he explained.

He said that despite its size is quite wide, but the way it will function as normal streets and highways instead. So that road users is free of charge.


Source: http://surabaya.tribunnews.com/2016/04/01/risma-pastikan-pembangunan-jalur-lingkar-luar-barat-surabaya-dimulai-tahun-ini