Ready Surabaya City Government Auction Box Culvert Banyu Urip-Benowo

2016-03-11 05:44:38

Surabaya (East Java Antara) - Surabaya City Government is ready to auction completion of construction of box culvert Banyuurip through to the Benowo after the central government will no longer fund the project.

Head of Public Works and Highways drainage Erna Purnawati Surabaya, Surabaya, on Monday, said that this year the project funding from the central government dismissed first.

"Yes, that is from the center to break out this year. I also do not know the reason why," said Erna.

According to him, since 2012 workmanship box culvert has been aided by the central government. The central government has released funds amounting to Rp500 billion.

Ministry of Public Works along the seven-kilometer road work, rather than Girilaya of Simojawar to Manukan Kulon. The land acquisition is done city government since 2009.

He said that along one kilometer of road Girilaya to Simojawar, the project is funded by the city government through the budget Surabaya 2011 with a budget of 1.9 billion take.

"The project culver box is actually a channel change projects, from irrigation canals into drainage channels. In addition, the addition of the road to accommodate the needs of the progressively increasing," says Erna.

Meanwhile, because this year will not get funding from the central government, the completion of this project will be funded by the budget. There is a six-kilometer long project to be done.

Erna said that the auction of the road project has been carried out. The auction is now entered into a special round to seven. "Already we penggarapannya auction. Value Rp40 billion project," says Erna.

Although no expenditure of funds from the budget, he said, the city government still hopes that next year the central government continued workmanship rest of the way. (*)
Editor: Endang volunteer